Suffering with hearing loss? Are you getting the independent and unbiased hearing healthcare you deserve? Regain the joys of healthy hearing and better balance!

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Improving your hearing can have an incredibly positive impact on many aspects of your life and relationships. Modern hearing technology is more powerful and discreet than ever before. Discover the benefits!

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Concerned about your hearing? You are not alone. Hearing loss affects people of all ages.  All testing at Shout Hearing is done face to face with a university trained audiologist, in a sound treated room.

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Shout Hearing Healthcare is a proudly independent, family owned and operated clinic.

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We are not aligned to any one hearing aid manufacturer nor do staff receive sales commissions.



Our audiologists are university trained and hold a Master of Clinical Audiology.

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The team at Shout have the passion and the expertise to help you hear well again!

What Do People Say?

I have previously had hearing aids and I would have to say that the experience at SHOUT far surpassed any other firm I have dealt with. SHOUT were focused on the needs of the individual and I was allowed to use the hearing aids of my choice for two weeks, obligation free, to see if they suited my requirements. Their service is personal, caring and professional. – Cheryl (60+ Semi-Retired)

I was ignoring the issues I had with my hearing [and] these issues were affecting my social and work life. The team at Shout Hearing were very accommodating and made me feel comfortable with the recommendations they provided and services they offered. They have made the transition to hearing aids seamless and I can now get on with my life. – Joe (28 Professional)

The musician ear buds are some of the best professional ear buds I’ve ever used. They control the overall expanse of the music without making it impossible to understand what you’re playing like a lot of professional ear buds will. They are also comfortable, easy to use. The moulding process is quick, painless and care-free with people who really care about your health. – Nathan (22 Musician)

Having a partner in a band, I was always aware that I was putting my hearing at risk. However, the care and concern of Karen and Catherine urged me to take action to protect my hearing. After purchasing the musician’s ear plugs I must say that I’m glad I listened. I never leave a gig with tinnitus or a headache anymore and the ear plugs are so sleek and discreet. – Daniela (21 Student Midwife)

I found Karen at Shout to be caring, professional and thorough; [I had] positive results in dealing with tinnitus and informed ongoing hearing protection. Thoroughly recommended. – Andrew (60+ Business Owner)

I had struggled to hear at our large family dinners and was embarrassed about it. Catherine took the time to understand my worries and explained in plain language all the features of my new hearing aid. They took wonderful care of my hearing needs and always offered me coffee or tea and homemade cake! – Val (70+ Pensioner)

From the receptionist to the audiologist via the General Manager I was treated with extreme courtesy and friendliness. … Thanks to the broad expertise of the team, my own experience and knowledge was increased and complemented to such an extent that I now feel totally comfortable with my hearing aids instead of being awkward with what I initially believed was a handicap.  – Alex & Céline (75+ Retired)

Your welfare is central to our values!

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Sensitivity will always be shown towards your individual needs.


Holistically, we consider your functional needs, not just your test results.


Outcomes that are measurable improvements in your quality of life are what drives us. We are NOT just a hearing aid dispenser!


We strive to understand your feelings and concerns, taking the time to de-mystify the process.


Transparency at every step, with no hidden agendas and no commission paid on sales. We are proudly independent and family-owned.

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Shout Hearing

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Shout Hearing

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