Assitive Hearing Devices help in everyday situations

Assistive Listening Devices


Hearing devices help with your listening needs but may not solve all your problems. Evidence has shown that your communication goals are best achieved by a holistic approach.

Easier Everyday

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) can help make everyday activities easy, such as:

  • Being able to hear on the phone
  • Being able to hear the doorbell ring
  • Watching TV
  • Hearing your alarm clock each morning
  • Hearing your smoke alarm
  • Eliminating background noise so you can clearly hear and understand more conversations
  • Decreasing the effects of distance

Alerting devices

Alerting devices include doorbells, alarm clocks, smoke alarms and phone alerting systems. These handy devices put your mind at ease and ensure you do not miss an important alert. They also keep you on time, and more importantly can keep you safe.

Wireless door chimes

Wireless communication device

A wireless communication device helps you to hear speech more clearly by removing distracting background noise. With the help of a discreet microphone (that looks like a pen) it streams directly to your hearings aids. This technology is state of the art and available at Shout Hearing. Call us to make an appointment for a demonstration on how it could work for you.

Hearing Aid Assessories

Pocket-sized remote controls allow you to adjust your hearing aid settings discreetly while out to dinner or in a meeting. We also stock hearing aid batteries, ear mould sealant and lubricant, device cleaning tools and wax filters for most major brands.

remote control
Phone by Oricom


We supply amplified phones to help with phone communication with features that include a loud ring tone speech volume boost button.

We also supply a DECT phone, which is a cordless phone that automatically transmits calls directly to both your hearing aids. It operates in hands-free mode and there are no programs to change. It is ideal for all the family: including those in the house without a hearing loss.

TV and music devices

Wireless headphones, neck loops and ear hooks can provide further hearing enjoyment. Now you can watch TV or listen to music at a volume that suits you and your family, with clarity and understanding.

ALDs can help you understand better in a variety of everyday situations. For more information about these helpful products, call us on (02) 9484 2246 or make an appointment.

boosting music and tv Sennheiser Headphones and Stethoset