Ear plugs and protection for swimming

Ear Plugs

& Protection

As Benjamin Franklin once pointed out, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to your hearing, no statement could be truer. Find the perfect ear plugs and ear protection solution for you.

A Complete Range

At Shout Hearing, we have a complete range of ear plugs and ear protection solutions to suit your particular needs, whether at work, playing sport, music or participating in other recreational activities.

Custom ear plugs

Custom earplugs are tapered perfectly to fit your ear providing maximum protection. Our qualified audiologist will carefully take an impression of your ear and then create a custom earplug that fits your ear perfectly. Our earplugs are made from soft silicone for exceptional comfort and come in a range of colours.

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Noise protection for the workplace

Exposure to loud noise in the workplace poses a significant risk of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Our custom protection ear plugs are designed to attenuate sound by up to 40dB which can have a significant impact in reducing the damaging effects of loud noise.

Our hearing healthcare professionals will carefully select custom ear plugs based on your individual experience of noise. We take into account the intensity level, type and duration of noise exposure when tailoring a protection program to meet the needs of your industry and budget.

Find out more about WorkCover and your legal obligations regarding hearing safety in the workplace.

Earplugs for swimmers

Due to our warm climate and the incredible selection of beaches and pools, in the warmer months, we tend to spend much of our time in the water. Unfortunately, this can lead to swimmer’s ear, which is an infection caused by water trapped in the ear canal.

At Shout, we have a range of swimmer’s earplugs, which can be customised to suit individual needs.

If your child has grommets, we recommend wearing an ear band in addition to earplugs. These waterproof neoprene bands are available in a range of fun colours.

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Protection for musicians

Prolonged exposure to loud music incurs the risk of long-term hearing damage. At Shout, we provide hearing protection to ensure you can enjoy playing music, without harming your hearing.

Our custom-made earplugs filter out loud noise allowing you to hear at a safe, comfortable level while still retaining the original quality of sound. Our qualified audiologists will carefully take an impression of your ear and then arrange a custom earplug that fits your ear perfectly.

We also provide custom-fit, in-ear monitors which provide comfort and a high level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings. Our in-ear monitors will not muffle the sound or interfere with your ability to hear your voice or musical instrument clearly.

Our range of earplugs protects your hearing allowing you to get on with work or your hobby safely. For more information, call us on (02) 9484 2246 or make an appointment.