Shout Hearing - rebates


You may be eligible for a Private Health Fund rebate to assist with the cost of hearing services and devices under your extra’s cover. Some clients may also be eligible for a Medicare rebate and medical expense tax offset depending on your personal circumstances.


Shout Hearing Healthcare audiologists are registered as a provider with Medicare Australia and all major health funds. If you have private health insurance with Extra’s cover you may be entitled to a range of hearing services and devices.

There is a large variation between health funds and you may be entitled to a rebate up to $1800, depending on your level of cover and years of membership.

Please contact your health insurer directly to find out what rebate you are entitled to. We are happy to assist you at the time of consultation to prepare your claim. Call Shout on (02) 9484 2246 to find out more.

Medicare & Tax Offset

In certain circumstances Medicare will provide a rebate for hearing services and devices if your GP has approved care under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP). If you have a chronic medical condition and your GP is managing you under a plan, they will determine if you will benefit from audiological services as part of that plan.

Our audiologists are accredited by Medicare to provide hearing tests and devices under the CDMP.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

You may be able to claim a medical expense tax offset for hearing aids and other health expenses. Please consult your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 28 61 or visit the website