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Events & Promotions include try before you buy hearing aids


Obligation free hearing aid trials available every day

Hearing aids are now much smaller and infinitely more advanced than ever before. Rechargeability and connectivity are the latest innovation in technology. Our clients tell us that being connected to their smart devices and being environmentally aware is important and all the leading manufacturers have listened. Find out more about how rechargeable hearing aids with blue-tooth connectivity can improve your quality of life, it’s the new frontier!

Appointments are required – book now!

Call (02) 9484 2246 for full details.


Free Hearing Health Check

Helping someone close to you who is hard of hearing can be a challenge. In order to help the people you care for, it’s vital to build a support system to show them that the path to better hearing is closer than they think. We’re here to help you achieve just that. Be sure to check out the great tips on our website and offer to tag along to their first appointment for moral support.

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Phonak hearing aid

Don’t let someone steal your bingo moment!

Do you often mishear what others are saying?

If you keep crossing off 11 when the bingo number called is 7, have your hearing checked today at our FREE bingo event.  Join us for a friendly game, brunch and a chat about your hearing health.

Times and sessions vary.  Bookings are essential. Call (02) 9484 2246 for more information.


Join us for a healthy hearing and better balance discussion followed by a light yoga balance class! Shout have partnered with Kalm yoga to conduct gentle balance classes for the local community. If you belong to a Community or Social Group, we can arrange a date and time that’s right for your members.

Bookings are essential. Call (02) 9484 2246 for more information.

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It’s our Shout!

As well as enjoying a variety of home-made cakes and café style tea and coffee – Sip & Listen offers you the opportunity to start a conversation with one of our university qualified audiologists. Learn about your hearing and receive a free comprehensive hearing assessment.

Bookings are essential. Call  (02) 9484 2246 for more information.


Morning/Afternoon Tea and Light Yoga Session

You’re invited to a FREE community event! Join us in our clinic for morning or afternoon tea plus a light yoga session. Enjoy the benefits of Kalm yoga, connect with some new friends and find out more about healthy hearing and better balance.

Times and sessions vary. Bookings are essential. Call  (02) 9484 2246 for more information.


Stretch and Shout