Speech Pathology - girl at play ground

Speech Pathology

Reporting and Referrals

Are you concerned about your child’s speech or language development?

Hearing Impairment

Perhaps your child’s teacher has raised concerns or you may have noticed your child’s inability to say certain sounds correctly. If so, it is important to have their hearing assessed by a qualified audiologist.

As children, we acquire speech and language through hearing and imitation. Normal hearing allows children to have access to the full range of speech sounds. However, if a child has a hearing loss, they will not hear these speech sounds correctly and this can affect how their vocabulary and receptive-expressive language develops.

Audiological assessment will help to determine if a delay in a child’s speech production is due to a hearing loss or for another reason. A speech pathologist is an important part of a multi-disciplinary team when dealing with a child with a hearing loss or speech delay.

At Shout Hearing Healthcare, we provide hearing assessments for children aged 3 years and above. For children 7 years and above, we can also test for signs of CAPD. If necessary, we refer your child to a qualified speech pathologist for further evaluation. In this case, we work together with the speech pathologist, providing them with comprehensive reporting and continuation of care for your child.