Shout Hearing Consultation - Hearing loss



When you make an appointment to visit Shout Hearing Healthcare we will ensure you feel comfortable and welcome. Coffee, tea and home-made cakes are always on offer!

What to expect at Shout

  • We will assist you with any requirements to receive government funding or general information about health fund claims.
  • We may send questionnaires for parents and teachers to complete prior to paediatric appointments.
  • Expect the first appointment to take approximately 1 hour.
  • We encourage family members or friends to attend to offer support.

What happens at a test?

At Shout Hearing all hearing tests are done face to face with a university trained audiologist, in a sound treated room (rather than a small booth).

  • Each ear is tested separately on both your perception of sound and speech discrimination.
  • Our audiologists will conduct Otoscopy, TympanometryAcoustic Reflexes, Audiometry and Speech Testing.
  • Your communication goals that are individual to your lifestyle and needs are assessed.
  • Your results are explained and we work with you to tailor a individualised rehabilitation plan that will help you to achieve your communication goals.
  • We build a comprehensive case history of hearing and any medical information relevant to your hearing health.
  • We will write a comprehensive report of your hearing test results and our recommendations for your GP or ENT.

Family and friends are encouraged to come along to the appointment to offer support; your family and friends will be an important part of your success.