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Hearing Aids – Recharging & Connecting

Hearing aids are now much smaller and infinitely more advanced than ever before
Rechargeability and connectivity are the latest innovation in technology.
Improve your quality of life, its the new frontier!

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Cosmetically appealing

Bluetooth streaming

Rechargeable & charge on the go

Connects to smartphones, TV’s and more

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Managing hearing aids has never been easier. Today, there is a wide range of rechargeable hearing aids available. Most of the leading manufacturers offer a rechargeable option to suit your lifestyle and budget. Changing batteries in your hearing aids is becoming a thing of the past. Like many of our smart devices, now you can enjoy all day hearing with a quick and easy charge overnight or on the go. There are no more fiddly battery changes, no more concerns about the dog swallowing an errant battery and a far more positive impact on the environment.

rechargeable hearing aid in case
rechargeable hearing aid oticon in case

Hearing Aids that connect to TVs, Smart Phones & more

The hearing revolution continues with the newest Bluetooth technology. Not only are hearing aids easier to use and manage, they are now able to connect to smart TVs, smart phones, laptops, iPads and tablets. You can now stream phone calls, music, television and movies directly to your hearing aids. When you take a mobile phone call, you will hear your caller’s voice directly in your hearing aids – and some brands allow you to speak handsfree. Your favourite TV show can be streamed directly to your hearing aids for crystal clear sound and music can be enjoyed just like surround sound, in both ears, like being at a concert! With the latest Bluetooth technology, hearing has never sounded better!

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