Choosing an Audiologist – Who are you?

by Jul 17, 2017News

In the wise words of Roger Daltrey and The Who:

“WHO ARE YOU? I really want to know!! …

You should be asking this question when choosing an audiologist to take care of your hearing health. Ask your provider:

  • WHO owns the business – are they independent or owned by a manufacturer?
  • ARE their staff paid sales commissions on hearing aids and accessories?
  • YOU should be able to make an informed decision about your hearing health care – will the clinic provide unbiased advise? (or do they receive manufacturer based sales incentives or bonuses?)

If you would like to know WHO WE ARE – Shout Hearing Healthcare:

  • Are an independent family owned and operated clinic – Karen Greenhalgh is a university qualified Audiologist and the owner. Karen and her colleague Catherine Kwok studied together at Macquarie University;
  • Are a diagnostic and rehabilitation clinic, which means we are not a sales clinic;
  • Do NOT pay our audiologists sales commissions or bonuses;
  • Are NOT owned by or affiliated with any  manufacturer and do NOT receive incentives or bonuses – you can be 100% certain our care and advice is unbiased; we put our clients at the centre of everything we do!

Come in and get to know us better. We’ll Shout morning or afternoon tea and lend an ear (excuse the pun) to listen to your concerns.

Call us on (02) 9484-2246.