If you want to experience your TV audio via your hifi system without being distracted by ambient noise or disturbing your environment, Sennheiser has the right solution for you.

sennheiser 840 tv

ALD Devices

← Set 840-TV

With RF wireless mobility, you can enjoy full-range, personalized audio from your entertainment system even from another room or outside. Easy to use adjustable settings for clear voice rendition.

840S →

Set 840 S is a RF stereo TV listening system and is especially suited for those who wear hearing aids. Easily connected to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, Set 840 S produces excellent sound, delivered directly to your ears. The sound is transmitted from the receiver to the hearing aid via wireless induction over the induction loop that is included in the system

sennheiser 840s
sennheiser A200

ALD Devices

← A 200

Stereo personal sound amplifier. Stereo amplification via two integrated permanently polarized microphones, the user can clearly determine the direction of the sound source.

RS 195 →

With the wireless RS 195 the exceptional sound can be fully personalised to your hearing: simply choose the most adapted setting from the 7 profiles available to optimise your sound experience. The left/right balance control allows you to adjust the volume in each ear. The “Speech Mode” reduces background noise and enhances speech intelligibility, while the “Music Mode” reproduces music with an increased dynamic range to perfectly preserve the sound image.