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“When we design our hearing instruments, we view every detail through the lens of the patient. Then we bundle in industry-first technologies, so patients get a highly satisfying listening experience in hearing instruments that they are comfortable wearing all day, every day”.


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The natural sound of Unitron hearing instruments carries on through to our range of practical, easy-to-use accessories, including discreet remote controls, wireless connectivity devices and smart phone apps, making your listening experience even more satisfying.

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Smallest in the world
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Hearing aids are constantly changing – and shrinking. Shout Hearing now have access to the world’s smallest wireless RIC in the world.
See that little hearing aid beside the blueberries?
It really is that small. Ask for it by name:




Moxi Now is the smallest wireless RIC in the world   based on exterior dimensions to other products in its class.



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Experiencing is believing

Are you concerned about committing to a hearing aid purchase, wondering if you’ll like what you hear?  Unitron’s Flex:trial program lets you take home and experience different levels of hearing aid technology before making a decision, so you can feel confident that the ones you choose will work well for you.