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Christmastime 2016!

What an absolutely amazing year it's been for Shout Hearing! We're taking a break over the new year and this week will be our last one for 2016. We want to thank you all for your support this year and can't wait to be back in 2017, we've got some BIG things planned,...

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Beecroft is Booking!

Our Beecroft clinic is looking good. We are just putting the finishing touches on the clinic and making sure it’s spic and span and ready for our new clients! Lucky for us we have expert family help. Here’s Cooper, the next generation Shout audiologist starting early...

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Shout Bus!

Hey, there’s our Shout bus out and about in the local area. If you see us in a location near you, give us a Shout out! We’ll be on the road right up until January 2017 letting people know who we are and what we do. Shout Hearing is passionate about helping you regain...

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New Clinic Opening in Beecroft

Shout Hearing Healthcare is committed to providing the best clinical audiology and rehabilitation care to our clients. We are excited to announce a new clinic will be opening very soon at Beecroft, just near the station! We are renovating our new premises so that you...

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Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life

A recent study published in The Hearing Review report their findings on the various “non-auditory benefits” of hearing aids including quality of life, relationships at home and work, sense of safety and independence, and mental health. Read the full article from The...

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